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The Telangana state minority employees service association public society regestration act 2001 reg.no.725/2009 as TS-MESA with a JURIDICTION OF ASSOCIATION ENTIRE TELANGANA ESTATE


  1. To recognize this Association i.e., ‘TS-MESA’ as special case.
  2. We demand immediate implementation of 12% Reservation to Muslims as per your election manifesto in all cadres of State Govt. Posts viz., Group I, II, III, IV and Drivers Post and also Reservations in Education and Political.
  3. The other Minorities 5% Reservation in the basis of Justice Rajendra Sachar Committee and Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission Report.
  4. Provide rule Reservations in Promotion to all Muslim/Minority Employee in the TS.
  5. Provide Pilgrimage Leave to all Govt Employees twice for 15 days in entire total service.
  6. To restore old pension scheme to Government Employees instead of Contributory Pension Scheme (C.P.S.).
  7. To provide the land to “Telangana State Minority Employees Service Association House Building & Construction Mutually Aided Co-Operative Society Ltd.,” Employees & Teacher in the TS.
  8. Filling of all the Vacant Post of various categories in various departments.
  9. Allotment of land for construction of TS-MESA Head Office buildings in Hyderabad City. And at each District Head Quarter.
  10. To enhance the income limit of tuition fee for reimbursement from 1.00 Lakh to 12.00 Lakhs for the fees reimbursement, so that the children’s of Class-IV employees can be benefited in the scheme.
  11. Enhance of Income limit of overseas study scheme to be enhance rupees of 6 Lakhs per annum as such good act it is justifiable to be benefitted to the Class-IV and Class-III Official & Pensioners.
  12. Regularization of Services of all Temporary / Outsourcing / Contract Basis Minority Employees working in State Wakf Board, State Minority Corporation, State Urdu Academy, State Hajj Committee and other all Govt. Departments etc.
  13. Strict Implementation of Prime Minister’s 15 Point Programme.
  14. Provide separate Sub-Plan budget for Minorities and Implementation of atrocity Act for all Minorities on par with SC & ST.
  15. Implementation of cashless treatment under health scheme to all the government employees pensioners – in patient & out patient with Medicines at all referral Hospitals. The employees will ready for deduction form their salaries.
  16. Re-Implementation of Voluntary Retirement Scheme.